Who We Are

Heim’s Hillcrest Dairy Stated in 1963 with only 30cows by Ray and Florence Heim. 1976, Lloyd and Joyce Heim took over the family business with 50 cows. In 1995, our original farm was devastated by fire, Lloyd and Joyce built a new barn in 1996 and grew to 200 cows. Jeremy and Scott Heim joined partnership with their father Lloyd Heim in the year 2000 growing the number of cows to 280. In 2003, we added an addition to the site down the road to bump our cow number to 450. In 2008, another addition was added to us getting to 640 cows. In 2022, we expanded by building a maternity barn going up to 800 cows. Throughout the years many of Lloyd and Joyce’s grandchildren have worked at the farm. Kiley Heim (Jeremy’s daughter) has been working full time since 2013 and has been focusing on our calf care. Ben Heim (Jeremy’s son) and Sam Heim (Rod’s son) are both playing a big role in field work and the custom business Heim Brothers Custom. In 2020, Rod Heim became a partner in the family business. Heim’s Hillcrest Dairy was and currently still is a multi-generational farm that prides itself on its family feel both in business and in the operations of the farm on a daily basis. Here we are now over 60 years later as an impacting dairy farm in Kewaunee County and in the state of Wisconsin.

 Our farm is currently milking 800 cows that get milked three times per day.  We have been transporting our own milk to Belgioioso cheese since 2005. We produce 58,000 pounds of milk per day. In February of 2020, we began using Allflex collar system to help us catch illnesses sooner to keep a healthy, happy herd on the farm. Carrie Heim (Scott’s wife) has been the herd manager for 20 years now. You will find her treating and assisting cows.

 Our calves were raised by Hall’s Calf Ranch for 18 years before bringing them home on site in huts and then to an automatic feeder system with 4 igloo structures in 2012. In 2020, we built a calf barn to allow us to control the outdoor elements to help our calves stay healthier. The automatic feeders allow the calves to drink throughout the day without being assisted by anyone, which allows a calf to drink up to 12 liters every 24 hours. Once they get to 65 days old, they are weaned off milk and soon moved to our heifer site that is only a mile and half down the road.

 We harvest our own crops yearly, running about 1,800 acres. Making hay on 650 acres cutting every 28 days, chopping 900 acres of corn silage, planting 200 acres of wheat, and starting to make more rye and Sudan grass for our heifers. With these cover crops we are able to no-till our corn in currently doing 700 of the 900 acres.

 In spring 2015, Jeremy and Scott Heim started a new journey – Heim Brothers Custom. Starting with only 6 customers, currently having 30 customers between chopping, manure hauling, and trucking. We are continually expanding to be able to continue to help Kewaunee County and neighboring farms handle manure in a safe, clean, and environmentally friendly way.