Our farm started in
1963 by Ray &
Florence Heim

We milk 826 cows
~3x a day

We have 1350 total head
~ 829 cows
~ 521 heifers

We average 3 calves
born everyday

A cow drinks a
bathtub full of
water everyday
(35 gallons)

Belgioioso Cheese
receives all our
saleable milk

We have 36 employees
which are 50% family
~21 full time employees
~15 part time employees

Producing 60500 lbs of
milk per day which
would make 6050 lbs of
fresh cheese curds

We have 161 pieces
of equipment
~15 tractors
~18 semis

We used 86,000
gallons of diesel fuel
this year

We work
1861 acres
~520 owned
~1341 rented

In 2022 we pumped
161,592,939 gallons
of manure
through our hose

Open for Tours give us a call 920-536-0652

Who We Are

Heim’s Hillcrest – About Us

As a multi-generational family farm, Heim’s Hillcrest Dairy prides itself on the ‘Family Feel’, both in the business and the daily operations of the farm.  Family is a cornerstone for all that the Heim’s do.

Heim’s Hillcrest Dairy was started in 1963 by Ray and Florence Heim, when they purchased the original farm and started milking just 30 cows.  Knowing that he wanted to continue the family farm, Ray and Florence’s son, Lloyd and his wife, Joyce (purchased or became a partner) in 1976 and grew the milking herd to 50 cows.

A devastating fire in 1995 that destroyed the original farm caused Lloyd and Joyce to take a long look at their dreams and goals.  Knowing that farming was what they wanted to do for their family, in 1996 they started rebuilding the current dairy.  With 200 cows, Lloyd and Joyce set the foundation of family and farming.

Lloyd and Joyce encouraged their sons to explore life outside of the family farm.  All three of their sons took positions for at least a year off the farm, but the family and the farm were something that they all knew they wanted to be part of.   In 2000, Jeremy and Scott joined the farm in partnership with Lloyd, bringing with them a strong desire to continue to build on the foundation of family and farming.

We have always known that for the dairy farm to be successful, we must have happy and healthy cows.  It takes dedication and commitment to the cows to ensure this.  After working part time through high school, Carrie, Scott’s now wife, was offered the Herd Manager role in 2000, a role that she still does today.

As the family grew, so did the farm.  In 2003, we purchased an additional farm just south of the home farm.  With this purchase, we moved all our youngstock down the road, allowing space for 450 cows at the home farm.  In 2008, an addition to the main barn was added, giving space for 640 cows.

After many years of having the calves being raised at a custom calf grower, in 2012 we started raising our calves at the home farm with an automatic feeder system and 4 igloo structures.  Jeremey’s daughter, Kiley joined the family farm full time a year later, in 2013 to manage the calf raising.  From a young age Kiley knew that top priority was the health and welfare of the cows and calves.

Seeing a need in Kewaunee and surrounding counties for improved manure application, Jeremy and Scott embarked on a new journey, and Heim Brothers Custom was born in 2015.  Starting with 6 customers, Heim Brothers Custom has grown to 20 customers that they assist with crop harvesting, manure transportation and other trucking needs.  Relying on the highest technology, Jeremy and Scott take great care in continuing to provide neighboring farms handle their manure in a safe, clean and environmentally friendly way ensuring that all nutrients are recorded and accounted for.

The dairy continued to grow in 2017, when we entered into a long-term lease with a neighboring farm just north of the home farm.  As a new maternity area was built at the home farm, this neighboring farm was perfect for the dry cows to stay before coming back to the home farm.  Now this barn is where older heifers live until they are ready to come to the home farm.

Animal welfare and health has always been a priority for our family.  In 2020, we invested in the Allflex Collar System.  This system helps the herd team monitor each individual cow and allows them to catch illnesses earlier, ensuring our herd is healthy.

During the same year, a new calf barn was built to replace the igloo system.  This new barn has the automatic feeders still, and also provides a controlled environment for the calves to live in.  The controlled environment in the barn helps to ensure that the calves stay healthy and strong.

2020, also added a new partner to the Heim’s Hillcrest Dairy.  Like many, 2020 had Lloyd and Joyce’s eldest son, Rod, taking a closer look at what he wanted out of life After many years away from the farm, Rod made the decision to return to the family farm as Shop Manager, a role that ensures that all the equipment is safe and running smoothly.

With the expansion of Heim Brothers Custom and the continued need for maintaining the equipment at the dairy, a new and bigger shop was built in 2021.  The shop was designed to allow for continued growth in both the Heim Brothers and Heim’s Hillcrest Dairy.  We are always looking for new ways to improve not only their dairy, but also the environment.  In March of 2021, the family embarked on a journey to become Carbon Neutral.  The first step was starting to haul the manure from the farm to the NEW digester in Denmark WI.

In 2021 and 2022, two more family members joined the farm through their high schools Youth Apprenticeship Programs.  After graduating from High School, both Jeremy’s son Ben, and Rod’s son Sam, joined the farm full time.   Ben and Sam both have roles in the field work for the farm and the Heim Brothers Custom business.

The newest project on the farm is a new Tunnel Ventilated Barn that was built in 2022.  This barn uses the latest technology to control all systems in the barn – from lighting, curtains and fans to provide the cows with the best climate and environment based on the current temperature in the barn.

One side of the barn is dedicated to the Maternity Area for the farm. Like the rest of the barn, the maternity area uses the latest technology to provide the best environment for the cows to calve in.

A lot has changed in the 60+ years since Ray and Florence started laying the foundation of what is now the Heim’s Hillcrest Dairy and Heim Brothers Custom.  As a family, we have held true to that foundation, with passion and dedication to being an impactful dairy farm family not only in Kewaunee County, but also the State of Wisconsin.